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Tara Sheahan

Tara Sheahan

In 2010, Tara Sheahan founded Conscious Global Leadership, healping corporate and civic leaders make a positive shift through self awareness, meditation and a commitment to personal and business transformation is CGL's mission and vision. With a new curriculum called Breathelab -- breath work and music to entrain natural nasal breathing -- Tara partners with her musician son and youth activist Aidan, aka DJ Sunfeathr, and Dr. Mark Testa, holistic medicine and meditation expert to take the audience to a joyful place, one inhale and exhale at a time. 

Her most valuable life training came through contracting Lyme disease in her mid-30’s.  Losing the ability to walk, think, or function without pain, she searched for that ‘magic pill’ to cure herself, and discovered that true healing must happen through an understanding of the body/mind connection.   She spent the next 15 years becoming an expert in the ‘art of inner listening,’ using meditation and mindfulness practices to understand how our thoughts influence our health, well-being and success.  Sheahan recovered from chronic illness to nearly qualify for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, at the age of 45.

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