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Nathan Huber

Nathan Huber

Nathan Huber is, at heart, an entrepreneur and technologist. As an executive producer Nathan has led projects for a long list of clients such as: Disney, Dell, Budweiser, Cedar Fair Theme Parks, and more. He is a specialist in stereoscopic 3D content creation and display optics.

After many years working in film, television and live events, Nathan founded 3D Live-Axo, a company dedicated to innovating the concert and live event experience. Through the invention of their next generation imaging hardware, 3D Live-Axo has led in the development of a new visual language based in “holographic” compositions.

His visionary approach in creating the world’s first real-time interactive Stereo 3D virtual environments on stage have solidified 3D Live’s place as a leader in immersive entertainment. 3D Live is the only company to launch multiple successful Live 3D tours and shows in the world and is now pushing forward into the VR and AR space.

He is currently leading 3D Live’s team of engineers, software developers, and artists in growing an array of Live Shows, VR programs, and Theme park rides that push the boundaries of immersive entertainment.

His youthful approach to sculpting 3D Live has afforded the company the ability to grow quickly and maintain flexibility as they continue to develop and enhance their core technologies. Under Nathan’s leadership, 3D Live has made a mark in a crowded industry and is now becoming a leader in new multi-technology platforms.

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