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Dr. Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber

Dr. Kelly Posner-Gerstenhaber

Dr. Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber is a philanthropist and visionary scientist, whose work is saving lives in 45 nations on 6 continents. According to Israeli government official, her work “is not only saving millions of lives it is literally changing the way we live our lives”. The CDC noted her work is “changing the paradigm in suicide risk assessment in the US and worldwide.”  Jim Shelton, Former US Deputy Education Secretary has said, “Dr. Posner’s work has the potential to keep our 64 million children in our schools safe”. The APA President noted her work “could be seen as really a watershed moment, like the introduction of anti-biotics….”

The Department of Defense called it “nothing short of a miracle,” and states, “her effective model of improving the world will help propel us closer to a world without suicide”. Dr. Posner’s work was noted in a recent key note at the White House as well as presented during congressional hearings. After being commissioned by the FDA, a front page article The New York Times called her work “one of the most profound changes of the past 16 years”.

Her scholarly work was included in the most important research in the history of the study of suicide. Named one of New York Magazine’s “Most Influential” people,  she received the New York State Suicide Prevention Award, the most Distinguished Alumna of her graduate school over the past 50 years and gave the invited presentation on tackling depression and suicide to the leaders of the E.U. She has been named one of New York’s “100 Socially Responsible” by City & State, where, of these recipients, she also received the “Angel Award”. Dr. Posner Gerstenhaber is a longtime advocate of education reform; founding chairman of the board of Turnaround for Children; co-founder The Speyer Legacy School, the first independent school for accelerated learners, focusing particularly on high-achieving, low-income students; named “EducationPhilanthropist of the Year” by Avenue; received the Kaufman Music Center Educational Leadership Award; and received the Partnership for Children award.

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